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We help grow businesses with digital marketing. Why wait any longer? The sooner you jump aboard the quicker your website can reach its full potential and convert customers!




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Why wait any longer? The sooner you jump aboard the quicker your website can reach its full potential and convert customers! We direct our primary focus on you, so all you have left to do is enjoy the process and your new found clientele!



Search Engine Optimisation

Increase the quantity and quality of traffic flow to your website through organic search engine results. Increasing the visibility of your website will ensure that a greater quantity of users will be able to access your services

Keyword Analysis

Keyword research goes hand in hand with SEO. The task basically involves identifying popular key phrases and words that people continually look for in search engines. This aids in the process of determining what keywords to rank for.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing involves the use of social media platforms to raise brand awareness, increase connectivity with you clients which in turn increases sales. This process involves publishing engaging content for your followers as well as running social media advertisements.

Adwords Campaign

Adwords campaigns are based on pay per click advertising scenarios. This means that the Google search network allows your advertisement to be shown to users who are searching for the specific keywords that you have selected.




What makes us different from the rest? We listen to what YOU want. Your business goals and values are identified from the very beginning of the process. The strategies and processes we implement on your website are done so because we believe that this will truly work for you.

Vanz Banda
Vanz Banda

This company helped me rise to the top 5 on Google Rankings within 4 months. I was satisfied with the services and attention to detail.They have exceptional customer service and now our online retail store is thriving thanks to Sefe Marketing.I would highly recommend them.

David Kirsner
David Kirsner

I wouldn't hesitate in recommend Dean and the team at SEFE. I had numerous strategy conversations and can say - these guys always go out of their way to give me the time needed to help me to move forward with marketing. I know that if you book SEFE, you'll also be in for a treat surely with great results with good ROI.

I've been working with Sefe Marketing for over a year now and they have been an absolute lifesaver. They got my company ranked on the first page within one month of working together. Their monthly plans are reasonably priced, the customer service is top-notch, but what I really love is their creative approach to SEO. I can't recommend this company enough!

Sefe Marketing is a fantastic company - I've worked at a few different agencies and Sefe is by far the best. They put in the time to understand what my company needs, and then come up with creative solutions for me to implement. It's been such a great experience working with them!

I have been one of the marketing managers at Sefe Marketing for a few years now and I can say without hesitation that this company is the best SEO company in Melbourne. All thanks to their team, who does an amazing job for our customers. Their keyword research, backlink strategies, and marketing campaigns are always on point and result in positive ROI time and time again.

Personalised SEO Marketing Strategies

Taking a personalised approach for each business is something that we pride ourselves in. In order to gauge individualistic needs and requirements, we meet with you in person to discuss all the digital marketing strategies that we can implement to your website.

What makes us different from the rest? We listen to what YOU want. Your business goals and values are identified from the very beginning of the process. The strategies and processes we implement on your website are done so because we believe that this will truly work for you. Regardless of the industry that you occupy, we know what your clients are craving and with that, we will ensure your website satisfies their every need.




Reliable Agency

Your trusted Sefe Marketing agency of course! Why? Because we deliver everything we promise plus more!


Working with talented designers, digital marketing specialists and technical experts.


Focusing on growth strategies through organic trust signals


Execution processes that ensure effective work

The Melbourne SEO Company That Can Bring Your Business To Its Peak

According to google's analysis, over 2 billion google searches are made each day by users. Given these statistics, it is important to ensure that your business is seen on Google. However, being able to stand out in a multitude of thousands of results can be a difficult task. With Sefe Marketing in your corner, your business will stand out from your competitors and customers will be drawn to your website.

Unsurprisingly, search EngineOptimisation still remains one of the most effective ways to make your website stand out on the web. Through keyword analysis, we will optimize your website to directly target the users who are actively searching for your products or services.



How much does our services cost?

As one of the leading SEO agencies in Australia, we don’t just assign you a generic pricing package (like other agencies), instead our pricing structure is completely customised to the specific requirements of your particular business and industry.

Why does my business need a growing web presence?

Building a growing web presence will your business help reach more new customers and prospects while increasing contact with existing customers. Your competitors are growing their web presence, so if you aren’t growing yours then you are falling behind.

Why do I need SEO for my business?

Search engine optimization is an essential component of a business’s marketing and sales strategy. With the rise and rapid growth of the Internet and the demise of many traditional (offline) channels to reach customers and prospects such as the Yellow Pages, having a web presence has become increasingly important if not vital.

How Do I Improve My Website’s Relevancy?

Start by identifying the words and phrases that your customers are searching for online, and update your website copy to better reflect those words and phrases. If you sell pizzas, make it easy for Google to understand that your website is about pizza.

Can People Find My Site On Google Right Now?

The easiest way to test this is to go to Google and type in “site:[]” and see if your website pops up. For example, to check if Intergrowth was indexed, I would type “” into search engines.

What Parts of SEO Should I Focus on First?

Our best advice here would be to talk to an SEO expert to get their opinion. That being said, a good general rule of thumb is to check your website’s domain authority using the Moz toolbar.

What is the ROI of SEO?

The ROI of SEO varies from one industry to the next. How valuable would it be to your business to come up as the top recommendation when your customers are searching for you?

How long does it take to see results?

We generally see ranking improvements to your website's presence in search engines like Google during 1-3 months, with the best ranking results in the next 4-5 months. 

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